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For Undergraduates

If you are interested in joining Dr. Levy's Research Lab, please fill out the application form below.

Contact Information

Please enter both your first and last name.
Application Date
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Student Information

Please select your current semester standing.
Please enter the total amount of completed semesters.
How many total credits have you completed at Penn State University? (Include transferred credits only if they are applicable to your graduation.)
Please enter the total number of credits you are (or will be) taking during the semester that you are applying for.
What is your current major(s)?
In Schreyer Honors College?

Are you a Paterno Fellow or Paterno Fellow Aspirant?

In McNair Scholars Program?


Please indicate your grade point average from the previous semester. This should not be cumulative. Also, please do not enter a prediction of the current semester's GPA in this field either.
Please enter your Penn State grade point average for psychology courses.
Please enter your cumulative Penn State grade point average.
Please indicate whether you transferred to Penn State's University Park campus from another Penn State branch (or satellite) campus.
Please indicate whether you transferred from another college or university (please include the name of this institution!). Please do not include information about branch or satellite campuses in your response to this question. See the question above for details pertaining to that.
If you answered yes to either of the previous two questions, what was your cumulative GPA with those institutions when you transferred? Enter "N/A" if you did not answer yes to either of the previous two questions.
Please enter in your total, combined math and verbal SAT scores only.
What is your cumulative GPA with University Park (only)? If you are a transfer student, please do not list your actual cumulative GPA; only list your GPA while at University Park. If you are not a transfer student, simply provide your cumulative GPA once again.
Please use the selection menu below.
Please enter your SAT math score.
Please enter your SAT verbal score.
Please enter your SAT writing score. (If you cannot provide SAT scores, please enter "0" and explain in the notes section at the bottom of this application.)
Please enter in your total, combined GRE score (if applicable).
Please enter your GRE math score (if applicable).
Please enter your GRE verbal score (if applicable).
Please enter your GRE writing score (if applicable).


What psychology courses have you taken to date?
What are your broad and/or specific areas of interest in psychology?
What are your broad and/or specific research interests in the field of psychology?
What are your future career plans?


Do you have any previous research or clinical experience? If so, with whom and what were your duties?
Have you had any jobs with considerable responsibility that required organizational or management skills (e.g. office skills)? If so, please explain.
Are you interested in attending graduate school in psychology? If yes, in what area (e.g., social, developmental, etc.)?


Please enter your reference's first and last name.
Please enter the best way to contact your reference (either e-mail address or phone number).
How did you hear about Dr. Levy’s Lab? If someone referred you, please provide his/her name.
Please rate on the following scale how familiar you are with the software packages listed below.
  (1) I know almost nothing about it (2) I know very little about it (3) I know a little about it (4) I know it fairly well (5) I know it quite well (6) I know it very well (7) I know almost as much as there is to know about it
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Powerpoint
Adobe Photoshop
HTML / Web Design
Using the same scale as above, please list any other relevant software you have experience in (e.g., "Photoshop (4)"). (Not Required)
Do you have any other commitments that could potentially impact your availability or performance in the lab? (e.g., clubs, jobs, etc.)
If applicable, please provide any additional useful or relevant information below. (Not Required)

Please ensure that all of your information is entered correctly before clicking on the submit button. Please click the submit button only once.

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