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New Levy Lab Managers


Management Crew

We are happy to reveal that Brittany HollernColin Carey, & Lauren Lipner have been chosen to be our 2014-215 Levy Lab management crew. All three members are Penn State graduates as well as past lab research assistants and project coordinators. Their exemplary performance in lab as research assistants has proved them worthy of their new positions, and we trust they will exceed our expectations.

Congratulations & Good Luck!

Farewell Levy Lab Graduating Seniors

Congratulations Graduates

The Levy research lab would like to congratulate all of our seniors graduating this semester

Neil Meyer ♦ Matthew Perlman ♦ Allison Clark ♦ Jennifer Fox ♦ Kevin Medved

Jhanev Allen ♦ Lauren Lipner ♦ Sam Riley ♦ Shirley Rojas Acosta ♦ Laura Frey


Your hard working attitudes and enthusiastic personalities will be greatly missed, thank you for being such key components to our lab. We wish you the very best in the future and can't wait to see the amazing things you will surely accomplish from here on.

-Happy Graduation!-

Ashton Roach Accepted Into NKU Masters Program


The Levy Lab team would like to congratulate 2010 lab alum Ashton Roach for being accepted into the  masters of science program in clinical mental health counseling at Northern Kentucky University.

Kudos on your accomplishments Ashton!
To view the Levy lab alumni profiles page please click here

Kevin Medved Accepts Psy.D. Program Invitation

Congratulations Kevin!

The Levy lab team wishes to congratulate senior research assistant and data coordinator Kevin Medved for accepting his offer to become a Psy.D. candidate at the C.W. Post campus of Long Island University (LIU Post). Kevin's interests within the field include empathy, emotion regulation, impulsivity, and personality pathology, particularly in borderline and narcissistic personality disorders.

Kevin, kudos on all of your accomplishments, they are clear testament to your great abilities and hard work up to this point. We wish you a happy transition out of undergrad, and will be looking forward to hearing about your success in graduate school!


Kate Benson Accepts Ph.D. Program Invitation

Congratulations Kate!

We are proud to announce that Kate Benson, a former Levy lab post-baccalaureate, recently accepted an offer to become a PhD candidate at Texas A&M. She will be working under the mentorship of Les MoreyDr. Morey's research interests include assessment, diagnosis and classification of personality and psychopathology, personality disorders, and alcoholism.

Congratulations Kate! We wish you lots of success and look forward to hearing about your future accomplishments as a graduate student.

To view the Levy lab alumni profiles page please click here

Lab Alum Awarded APA Public Policy Internship


Levy Lab Alum Clara Fajardo, was recently awarded the APA Public Policy Internship .The APA Public Policy Internship has as its main purpose to provide graduate students in psychology with the opportunity to learn firsthand how psychological research can impact public policy and how them as psychologists can play a role in its formulation and implementation. As internship position recipient, Clara will be spending a year at APA's Central office in Washington, D.C. working on public interest issues as part of the APA's Public Interest Government Relation's Office staff. Kudos on your accomplishments Clara!

To view the Levy lab alumni profiles page please click here

Sharon Nelson Presents at SEPI 2014


Levy lab alum Sharon Marie Nelson recently took part in the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration(SEPI)'s 30th annual meeting. The event was held in Montreal, Canada from April 10th -13th with the theme of Psychotherapy Integration in the Trenches: How Psychotherapy Integration is put into Practice. Sharon's talk was titled Integrating the Cognitive Affective Processing System (CAPS) into Psychotherapeutic Assessment and Technique.

Sharon Nelson is currently  a Ph.D. student at Eastern Michigan University, studying under the mentorship of Dr. Steven Huprich.

To learn more about Sharon please visit our Levy Lab Alumni Page

Neil Meyer Accepts Ph.D. Program Invitation

Congratulations Neil!

The Levy Lab team would like to congratulate senior research assistant and lab manager Neil Meyer on formally accepting his invitation to join Oklahoma State University's Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Program, . Neil will be attending the program on a full ride scholarship as well as under the mentorship of assistant professor Stephanie Mullins-Sweatt. Dr. Sweatt's research interests are focused on the conceptualization of personality disorders using general personality models and on the clinical applications of personality models within the personality disorder nomenclature.

Clinical Psychology is an extremely competitive field, specially when it comes to successfully gaining admittance into a Ph.D. program. The fact that Neil can add this achievement to his repertoire serves as clear evidence for his past accomplishments and amazing potential. Congratulations Neil, we look forward to hearing all about your groundbreaking successes in the near future!

Samuel Riley Accepted Into Medical Programs

Congratulations Samuel!

Levy lab senior research assistant Samuel Riley has been offered admittance into two different medical field programs. The first one,  The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), is situated in northwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the second one, The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine at Bradenton (LECOM-B), is located in Bradenton, Florida.

The medical training for Osteopathic medicine and (D.O.)s is basically identical to that of an M.D. program. The difference lies in  the fact that D.O. programs train their students to look at patients more holistically. These programs also provide additional training in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy which involves chiropractic techniques.

Samuel has decided to accept PCOM's invitation and will be graduating with a Doctor in Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree in the year 2018. He is also considering a specialization in a branch of internal medicine (Cardiology, Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, etc...) or possibly family medicine.

As a lab, we are extremely proud of Samuel's achievements up to this point and trust he will continue to excel and accomplish amazing things in his educational career.

Jennifer Fox Accepted Into Teach For America

We are certain you will do an exceptional job, as always

Congratulations Jen!

We are proud to announce that Levy lab senior research assistant and cortisol coordinator Jennifer Fox was recently invited to join Teach for America (TFA). TFA is a well renowned program that focuses on reaching unprivileged areas and populations all across the country, with the purpose of achieving the highest level of educational equality. Some of the qualities they look for in their prospective teachers are high levels of commitment, leadership skills, superior interpersonal skills, strong academic achievement, great critical thinking skills, and respect for diversity in background and personal experiences. Jennifer has been assigned to serve as a middle school sciences teacher in Chicago, Illinois. Congratulations Jennifer!


Matt Perlman Accepts Ph.D. Program Invitation

Congratulations Matt!

The Levy Lab team is beyond thrilled to announce that research assistant and lab manager Matthew Perlman recently received and accepted an invitation to join Ohio University's Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program. Matt will be studying under the mentorship of Dr. Timothy Anderson, an associate professor at the university who specializes in psychotherapy research. Dr. Anderson’s primary research interest is on the influence of interpersonal processes on psychosocial treatment.

Clinical is amongst the most competitive fields within psychology and so, gaining admittance into a doctoral program mirrors high academic achievement, and calls for high praise. Congratulations Matt, we wish you the very best and expect great things from you in the near future.

Sydney Risley Awarded Costello Family Scholarship


Congratulations are in order for our research assistant Sydney Risley, one of two recipients of the Costello Family Scholarship in Psychology. She was nominated by Cognition, Affect, and Temperament research lab's primary investigator Dr. Koraly Perez-Edgar who wished to recognize Sydney for her outstanding work in lab as well as high GPA. Dr. Perez Edgar goes on to describe Sydney as one of her most accomplished research assistants.Sydney was awarded the scholarship in early February of this year.


Welcome Spring 2014 RAs

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new Levy Lab Research Assistants for Spring 2014:

- Alyssah Aldinger

We hope your time in lab serves as a valuable and enriching academic experience!

Caroline Curran

Deborah Lipson

- Elisabeth Swanson

Jacqueline Proszynski

- Maxwell Sheintoch

- Megan Parker


To learn more about our new research assistants please click on their names to access their profiles

Doctoral Alum Named Faculty at The University of Pittsburgh


Levy Lab doctoral alumna Lori Scott was recently named assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Scott earned both her masters and doctoral degrees at Penn State University under the mentorship of Dr. Kenneth Levy, she then went on to complete her internship at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMC as well as the Clinical Research Training Program for Psychologists at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Scott's research interests include emotion dysregulation, aggression, and borderline personality disorder.

To read the full story on Dr. Scott's new faculty position please click here

To view the Levy lab alumni profiles page please click here

Levy Lab RAs Awarded Chaiken Family Trustee Scholarship


Jhanev Allen, Matthew Perlman and Shirley Rojas Acosta, all levy lab research assistants, were recently awarded with the Chaiken Family Trustee Scholarship. The Chaiken Family Trustee Scholarship is the largest scholarship ever received by the college of liberal arts. The donors, Gene and Roz Chaiken, instituted this in an effort to help qualified students be able to focus on their studies by reducing their financial burdens.

Both Matthew and Shirley were chosen to share their personal stories at the Chaiken Scholarship event held at Penn State's Moore building last October. Matthew spoke about how receiving the scholarship had provided him with the opportunity to spend more time volunteering and helping out in the community, as well as taking more responsibilities in his research lab. He also spoke about his graduate school plans and expressed his gratitude to the donors. Shirley spoke about how the scholarship had impacted not only her, but her family in the Dominican Republic who carry the burden of supporting two college students in America. She also shared her graduate school plans and expressed her appreciation for her donors' selfless aid.

Congratulations to all three of you!

Dr. Kenneth Levy Named APA Fellow


Congratulations are in order for Dr. Kenneth Levy who was elected as an American Psychological Association (APA) fellow for division 29: Psychopathology at the 2013 APA convention.

Fellow status is a grand honor specially reserved for APA members who have done exceptional and groundbreaking work that has had great impact in the field of psychology beyond a local, state or regional level. Nominations are offered by the different APA Divisions, and the final decision is made by the association's Board of Directors and the Council of Representatives after careful review of nominees' contributions.

Levy Lab Members Participate in NASPR


The North American Society for Psychotherapy Research (NASPR) recently celebrated its 2013 conference in beautiful Memphis, Tennessee, with the theme of "Beyond the Brand: What Makes Psychotherapy Work?". Among the conference participants were Levy lab director Dr. Kenneth Levy as well as graduate students Tracy L. Clouthier, Wes Scala, Christina M. Temes, and post-doctoral fellow Johannes C. Ehrenthal.

NASPR is the north american branch of the international association that is the Society for Psychotherapy Research. The main purposes of this multidisciplinary organization includes the encouragement of psychotherapy research, the sharing of new findings, and ultimately the enhancement of psychotherapy effectiveness.

Dr. Kenneth Levy Takes Part in the Kennedy Forum


The Kennedy Forum celebrated on October 23rd and 24th in Boston, MA and held in occasion of the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's Community Health Act brought together a number of individuals such as former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, Vice President Joe Biden, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Chelsea Clinton and our very own Dr. Kenneth Levy to discuss and advocate in favor of the forum's main goals of uniting the mental health community, pushing for further breakthroughs in policies having an impact on those living with mental illnesses, disabilities and addictions, removing the stigma surrounding mental illness, and achieving parity by treating the brain with the same importance with which we treat the body.

In regards to working with Congressman Kennedy, Dr. Levy commented that he "looks forward to future collaboration with Congressman Patrick Kennedy in working to establish parity guidelines that will assure those suffering from psychological difficulties receive the quality mental health care that they both need and deserve."

To read the full story featured in the Penn State News Page you may follow this link

To learn more about The Kennedy Forum you may follow this link

RA Jennifer Fox Awarded College Research Funds



Current lab research assistant and cortisol coordinator Jennifer Fox was recently awarded the Liberal Arts Enrichment Fund and the Psychology Department Funding Award for her neurocognitive research in Borderline Personality Disorder. Both of these university funds have the goal of financially supporting deserving students' academically oriented endeavours, in Jen's case her research projects. Jennifer is an excelling Schreyer Honors student at Penn State pursuing a B.S. in Psychology, and has been part of the Levy Lab since summer of 2012.

Congratulations and best of luck on your research!

To learn more about Jennifer Fox or to access her CV please click here.

Levy Lab Manager Neil Meyer Featured on Article


Our very own Neil Meyer was recently featured on an article published by The Altoona Mirror . The article was titled "Home school a growing option", and as it's name suggests looks at the growing number of parents and students leaning towards home-schooling. It names many of the pros and cons of the educational option, as well as include various testimonials from parents, teachers, and home-schooled individuals such as Neil.

- To view the full article please click HERE

- To learn more about Neil Meyer please click HERE

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