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Tracy L. Clouthier

Tracy L. Clouthier

Tracy L. Clouthier

Fifth-Year Graduate Student


  1. B.A., Université de Sherbrooke
  2. M.A., The Pennsylvania State University


Tracy is in her fifth year of the doctoral program in adult clinical psychology. She was born in Montréal, Québec, and graduated from Université de Sherbrooke in 2009. Following her undergraduate degree, she spent two years completing an honours thesis and independent project on attachment and affect regulation at Bishop's University. In her spare time, Tracy enjoys running, gardening, and finding ways to maintain her French skills in central Pennsylvania.

Research/Clinical Interests:

Tracy's main research interests concern psychotherapy process and outcome, in particular in the treatment of borderline personality disorder. She is interested in attachment and how it relates to the symptomatology and treatment of borderline personality disorder, as well as in the contribution of client and therapist variables to psychotherapy process. She also hopes to explore mechanisms of change in psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder.

Click here for Tracy's CV.

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